*Bates Motel [S1]

*Shameless [S3]

*Hollow City By Ransom Riggs

            all my favorite episodes: 2x08 (Crossroad Blues)

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Things I want:

For someone to worry about Dean.

For someone to take notice of Dean’s pain

For someone to tell Dean that he is special

For someone to go out of there way to help/protect Dean

Castiel. The thing you just described is called a Castiel.

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( x )

his chest freckles god bless

And then I grew up. 

- Oh you never wanna do that 

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I can see the lights from the 9/11 memorial from my house

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This blog will continue to support supernatural during s10

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drearydean : This is the Amazing Person Award! Once you are given this award you are supposed to paste it in the ask of eight different people, who, in your opinion, deserve it. If you break the chain~ nothing will happen, but it’s sweet to know someone thinks you’re amazing inside and outside.

hehe thank you :*

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"Centuries" aka the length of time i have already spent listening to that song

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im just here laughing at the salty ass people in the youtube comments hating on centuries. like did they even listen to that song because its amazing.

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I am Scottish. I can complain about things,  I can really complain about things now. 

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spn meme: [one/2] demons

Keep sweet-talking me; this could go a whole new direction.

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Jared confirms his long….work day



"Who I was, what I did… that’s not who I am.”

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