*Bates Motel [S1]

*Shameless [S3]

*Hollow City By Ransom Riggs

winchestar replied to your post “how do u even get so many notes on your selfies???”

i have a single 100 note selfie and it is my prized possession

how does that even happen i get one like on myselfies and im like wow thank u. u kind soul, you took one for the team

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Harry Potter + scenery

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otp meme | river/doctor + every color of the rainbow

how do u even get so many notes on your selfies???

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"Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?" 

"…I think the answer is that a circle has no beginning." 

» requested by akacosima » inspiration » dedicated to leovaldezly

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A devil’s trap carved into the bullet

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Reblog if you will answer LITERALLY ANY anon questions.



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spn meme: [one/2] demons

Keep sweet-talking me; this could go a whole new direction.

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me: *leaves bandom*
me: * awakens from my dormant state and crawls to the fiery pits of hell because of this award show*

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